Podiatry Treatments

We are the first clinic in Scotland to offer treatment of fungal nail infections with Lunula laser. We use a variety of different types of treatment including acupuncture, provision of bespoke insoles, padding and strapping. We supply and fit both heat mouldable and bespoke orthotics, following biomechanical assessment using the Podosmart System. These devices are excellent in relieving pain and discomfort in the foot and leg which can often be caused by either flat or highly arched feet.

As previously mentioned, our ingrown toenail removal procedure is one of our specialities.

We do not treat verrucae at Easter Road Podiatry. Verrucae are simply warts on the foot and are caused by a virus infection. They are usually harmless and will clear up by themselves without treatment, fought off by your own immune system. The length of time it takes for a wart to clear up varies from person to person, sometimes it can take a few years for a wart to disappear. Treatment for warts on the foot is not usually very effective and is rarely medically necessary. Treatment can often be painful and continue for many months, with some aggressive treatments resulting in scarring.